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One morning while taking my daughter to school, she looked at me and said “mommy let’s chat. ”I thought, “isn’t that’s all we do is chat,” but was curious about why she asked to chat. She was 8 years old at that time, innocent, curious, full of hopes and dreams. As the days went by, GYRL CHAT TYME (named by my daughter and included her happy jazz hands dance) became a part of our morning routine. It was her time to freely express herself without fear of being judge, ridiculed, or laughed at. It became our time to share our life experiences; the good, the bad, likes, dislikes, fears, and joys. 

When we are overwhelmed and consumed with life itself, we sometimes forget to stop and express our inner most thoughts, feelings, and emotions with those who care. We forget how much talking relieves stress, helps us cope with emotional distress, releases mental anguish, calms our thoughts, and relaxes our mind, body and spirit.

It’s TYME to feel free and open to talk and communicate with others who care. It’s TYME to feel empowered and supported by other GYRLs as we transform and transition throughout life. This will be an open channel for GYRLs of all ages.  Weekly thoughts, words of encouragement, words of inspiration and hope will be posted for open discussion. Please share, as GYRLs, we all can be a source of comfort, inspiration, and support simply through CHAT.

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